Ferry Flight and Aircraft Delivery Services:

• Aircraft Delivery Flights

• Demonstration Flights

• Acceptance Flights

We customize our services based on each client’s requirements and can assist with a one-off Ferry Flight or provide on-going Flight Operations Support for your aircraft.

Making your life easier:

  • Route Planning

Selection of the most suitable flight plan route based on aircraft perfomance, fuel/fee costs, weather, crewing requirements, en-route stops, overflight and airport slots. 

EASTERN AVIATION will always prioritize your budget, providing cost saving and keeping safety our number one priority.

  • Crewing

EASTERN AVIATION has a group of qualified pilots with extensive international flight experience operating pistons, turboprop and jets aircraft. Our entire crew holds a current ICAO English Proficiency Certificate as well as a First Class medical certificate and pilot licenses issued by several different countries.

Our selection of crew is based on ensuring the safe, efficient and cost effective operation of flight.

  • Communications

We provide continual factual communication with our customers. From the first enquiry we set realistic expectations and ensure ongoing, accurate information is provided to our customers, crews, and handling agents.


  • Competitive Pricing

According to the specific needs of each client, we have a competitive price compared to companies that overcharge in the market today.

As always, efficiency and safety are our priority. We guarantee your aircraft will be delivered safely.

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