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Get your flight training initiated and start seeing the Aviation world as it really is. From Private Pilot, IFR Rating, Commercial Pilot and Multi Engine Rating, we can show you the path. Our revolutionary student support method will help you choose the right school that will best suit your budget and needs.



  • Does the school issue the VISA that applies your flight training?

      A: The VISA issuing process is very important. Making sure that the school is certified for issuing the right VISA is an essential step towards the beginning of your training. If you are an International Student we will give all the support needed for your VISA application process.

  • What happens on bad or poor weather days? Will you work in the simulator? Will your instructor take you up to further your education?

      A: In aviation we depend on external factors mainly with weather. We need to pay attention to the schools and capacity of their instructors to adapt their missions so the student does not stay at home without support in bad weather days. Schools with advanced simulators can help you maintain proficiency and continue your learning when things don't go as planned.​

  • Will you be able to plan your schedule out into the future or only one lesson at a time?

      A: Being able to plan and manage your time is of great advantage to follow your progress and evolution during your training. Look for a school with a clear planning where it can give you a weekly schedule of activities to keep you active and proficient.

  • Speak to other students that you see in the school and ask them about their experience with the school.

      A: Having a second opinion is extremely important for evaluating a good school. Whoever is inside can give you a better view of how everything works

  • Who oversees aircraft maintenance?

       A: A main point for choosing a school is to know its maintenance and who is responsible for it. It is essential for the school to have a good history of accidents / incidents, keeping inspections up to date, planes well maintained, good administration and experienced mechanics.

  • Who is responsible for making sure that you are on the right track with your training?

      A: Your instructor is usually responsible for guiding you during your training. This does not mean that he / she is solely responsible, other employees such as the chief pilot, school owner and front desk need to be aware of your progress and needs.

  • Is the same level of support available to you on the weekends and holidays?

      A: Many schools, instructors and students do not like to fly on weekends and holidays, it is important to remember that continuity of training is important and that the student / school / instructor must provide support and activities even on these dates.

  • Does the school structure and scheduling meet your goals and objectives?

      A: Each student has a different types of learning and needs during training.Make sure the school has a structure that meets your needs, an plan of action and training that will lead you to reach your final goal in a clear, easy and objective way.​​​​


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